For Winter or Summer, soups are healthy, rustic and easy to make. For a long time, they were not considered fashionable, but that has now changed. In France, it has always been a staple dish for evening. Each region has its speciality. For instance, in Paris it is almost de rigueur to eat a soupe à l’oignon (onion soup), whilst in Provence, the soupe au pistou and the soupe de poisson are signature dishes.

Soups are an easy way to ensure that your children eat plenty of vegetables, and depending on their consistency, they can become an accompanying vegetable dish, in the form of a thick purée or even a gratin. Their versatility means that you can be creative everyday of the week, if you wish to. They can be chunky, velvety, exotic or broths. The addition of herbs and condiments bring an infinite variety to your table. A few croûtons and grated cheese or cream bring instant pleasure to your taste buds.

When it is cold, they warm you up, comfort you and fill you up. They provide vitamins, fibres and minerals which help fight colds. If you want to detoxify, drinking the broth throughout the day works very well. They are also a very good mid-day snack, easy to take with you in a flask.

When it is hot, you can make them lighter and consume them cold, as is the case for gazpachos.

Tip: It is always better to make your own soups and in a larger quantity to freeze. Although you can find some quite palatable soups in cartons, tubs and tins, the taste never matches the homemade ones. As for the sachets, they contain very little nutrients but a lot of additives and other undesirable products.

Other soup recipes:

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