I started taking cooking seriously when my son was a few months old.  I did not want him to eat food which had many additives and colourings. I would consult my mother for family recipes and after that, it was an easy step to try new ones. In the process I discovered that cooking was very relaxing, not simply a way to feed my family.

After a while I thought of sharing some of my favourite recipes with people outside my family and friends’ circle and had a book of provençal cooking published by Octopus, also published in France and for which I did the translation: talk about “taking coals to Newcastle”!

I am currently working on a different project with my friend Virginie from Guadeloupe (in the French West Indies). We spend hours in the kitchen recreating dishes from her home island, which I have visited for holidays. In return, I’ve introduced her to the delights of Corsican cuisine, another island I visit frequently and from where my family originates.

Over the years I have also helped numerous people with their first steps in the kitchen. These occasions have always been full of laughter and crowned with a certain amount of success despite the inevitable difficulties. After all, cooking is not simply a necessity; it is also experimental and you should never be afraid of trying something new. I have also learnt a lot from people I have met when travelling and I have enjoyed trying their own way of preparing food, using local produce.

Cooking is communicative and both my husband and son enjoy preparing and eating the family favourite recipes.
My daughter-in-law also enjoys cooking and we like exchanging notes on how to improve our dishes. I notice that, wherever we are, at some point, the conversation inevitably turns to the topic of food. I have been lucky enough to meet some famous French chefs who have invited me in their kitchen and shared a few tips. I have treasured these encounters because of the warmth of their welcome.

It has been said that French people live for eating, not eat for living. I believe this to be true.
Food is for sharing and it is a way of expressing love, passion and “joie de vivre”, so, get cooking!

Provence Provence et comté de Nice


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