Pain au Brocciu et au Figatellu = Brocciu and Figatellu Bread

For those of you who have already looked at this blog, you will know that I am very fond of brocciu* ( ricotta) and of figatellu (Corsican liver sausage).

I discovered recently a baker who makes country loaves with both the brocciu and the figatellu. The bread is then gently drizzled with Corsican honey. All this is surprising as the baker is not Corsican and the bakery is not in Corsica either. They simply specialise in a wide range of breads.

A sampling of this delightful bread when it was just out of the oven took place on a very cold day, with snow falling heavily for a few hours; the conditions were perfect! The next door traiteur (delicatessen) provided tasty charcuterie and a bottle of red Burgundy completed an easy lunch.

Perfect meal with little effort!

* Find out more about brocciu here

Other recipe ideas using brocciu: Beignets de Brocciu (Ricotta Fritters)

Cannelloni au Brocciu et aux Epinards (Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach)