Pâté de Sardines

It is January and time to think of simple food after all the Christmas excesses.
Here is a delicious pâté my father used to make as an appetizer with pre-lunch drinks.
It can also be served as a starter with a salad or even a sandwich filler.
If you like sardines on toast, this will be a new take on that classic snack.
The acidity of the red onion combines well with the white wine vinegar to balance the taste of the fish.

For the sake of simplicity I use tinned sardines, but you can use fresh ones and grill them.
If you do like the smell of sardines as they grill. ….

You need:

Slices of country bread or rye bread
2 tins sardines in olive oil, if possible boneless
A little white wine vinegar
50g unsalted butter
A few slices of red onion

1. Put the sardines, butter and vinegar in a blender and whizz.
2. Spread on the bread.
3. Decorate with the red onion slices

Bon Appétit!

Note: If you have children who do not like fish other than in a fish finger, you can shape the pâté to look like a fish. It will certainly amuse them.