Liquorice Ice-Cream = Glace au Réglisse

I have eaten a few liquorice ice-creams this Summer and not being able to buy them here, I decided to experiment with simple ingredients.
It seems to have worked well and is providing me with the perfect dessert for today.

This makes approximately 4 servings.

You need:

2 sticks of Panda Natural original liquorice, chopped in small pieces
100ml of sugar syrup ( see sorbet recipes or Moka ice-cream recipe of 6 April 2016)
100ml double cream
3 drop anise extract

1. Disolve the liquorice pieces in 150ml boiling water. Let the liquid cool.

2. Add to the sugar syrup, cream and aniseed extract, stir and put in the sorbet maker.

To savour the liquorice taste fully, it is best to serve the ice-cream soft, as an Italian ice-cream.

Bon Appétit!