Brocciu – What it is About

This is the season when a fair amount of Brocciu (or Brousse in French) is consumed.

When I cannot find it, I use Ricotta although it is a little different in that it is made from ewe’s milk and it is good if you are lactose intolerant.

It is a soft, velvety and fresh cheese which is found in many Corsican recipes. It can be eaten immediately after being made or affiné for a month.

Having made some beignets with it (recipe here), I thought it was time to give a little information about it.

This ideal fresh cheese does not have a strong flavour. Combined with herbs from the maquis like nepitta, wild mint, or with wild asparagus, spinach , Swiss chards it makes a very good filling for courgettes, aubergines, cannelloni, omelettes, pies, gratins and fish. It also makes very good beignets (fritters). It can be added to soups as well.

Eaten at the end of a meal, as a dessert, on its own or as the main ingredient of a delicious cheesecake, the Fiadone, it evokes Corsican cuisine immediately. It can also replace crème pâtissière in fruit tarts. Enjoy a cool glass of white wine with it or a sparkling Muscat at the end of a meal.

Recipe ideas using brocciu:

Cannelloni au Brocciu et aux Epinards = Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach

Pain au Brocciu et au Figatellu = Brocciu and Figatellu Bread

Beignets de Brocciu = Ricotta Fritters