Boxing Day Special

Boxing Day or Saint Stephen’s Day, for those in the know, and the whim to do something a little different to accompany the guinea fowl.
Little vols-au-vent with a delicate filling of cèpes cooked in cream and crème de Brie will replace roast potatoes, and for me are more exciting to prepare.

As usual, this year there was no turkey on the Christmas menu but sea food, so today the guinea fowl brings a change. It is also tastier than turkey, at least for our palate, and there is a marvellous mustard with truffle that is a speciality of the Maille boutique just waiting to be served with the poultry.
Also, red cabbage and small onions cooked with lardons will keep company to the guinea fowl.

I am grateful to Ève for taking me to the Maille boutique as the sampling of a wide range of delicacies proved too difficult to resist.

Serves 6:

12 small vols-au-vent, frozen
1 packet dried cèpes
1 tub single fresh cream
1tub crème de Brie
1 tablepoon cornflour
Salt and pepper

1. Place the vols-au-vent in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes

2. Put the cèpes in a small bowl of boiling water.

3. Pour the cream in a saucepan with the crème de Brie and heat on gentle heat. Add the cornflour gradually and whisk,
Lastly, add the cèpes. Reserve the broth to add to a soup or any vegetable preparation.

4. Take the vols-au-vent cases out of the oven and fill them with the creamy mushroom sauce.

5. Serve immediately with the guinea fowl.

Bon Appétit!


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