A Tale of Snails Without Snails…


There will be no recipe nor pictures of snails this time, just a funny story which brought light relief in an otherwise gloomy week.

Feeling peckish and nostalgic, I recently ordered a dish of half a dozen snails in garlic sauce as a starter. My husband chose the same dish.

When the plates arrived, holding the promise of that classic delicacy, we tucked in with great gusto. The little escargot plates (special hollowed out plates) were full of garlic and parsley sauce but our snail forks could not find any snails. None of the 12 little compartments contained a snail!

We called the waiter who checked and confirmed that someone in the kitchen had forgotten to put the snails in the sauce.
We joked that perhaps the snails had escaped in the kitchen!

He took our plates away and returned later with properly filled escargot plates.

The manager decided not to charge us for this and also offered a free liqueur after coffee. It was a nice gesture, testimony that some restaurants still know how to treat customers.

This little misadventure has not put us off and we shall continue to patronise this restaurant.


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