Coquilles Saint Jacques à ma Façon = Scallops Cooked in my Manner

No inspiration for lunch prompted me to go and see what the fishmonger could offer.
Fresh scallops had arrived this morning and I thought immediately that they would be on the menu today.
This is one of the best fast foods you can have, in my opinion. It is nutritious and can be cooked in minutes.
To make life easy, I tend to prepare parsley and garlic sauce in advance and freeze it in ice-cube trays. This way, it is always handy and in quantities that can be adapted.
All you need to do is rinse a bunch of flat-leaf parsley, cut off most of the stalks, peel a whole garlic head, put in a liquidizer with a sufficient amount of olive oil to fill a third of the container and whizz. Then, fill the ice-cube tray with the mixture and pop in the freezer.
I do the same to prepare garlic and basil and garlic and coriander sauces.

Serves 2:

6 queen scallops
2 ice-cubes worth of parsley and garlic sauce

1. Cook some long grain rice. 5 minutes before it is cooked,

2. Put the garlic sauce in a non-stick frying pan and heat on a gentle heat.

3. Add the scallops and cook them delicately for 5 minutes, turning them once. They are cooked when the semi-transparent flesh is opaque.

4. Add the rice to the frying pan to recuperate the delicious cooking juices and serve.

Bon Appétit!

Tips: A cool Chablis goes well with this dish but any dry white wine of your choice will do.

If you use frozen scallops they tend to shrink considerably when the ice glaze melts. You need to take that into account as you end up with a diminished quantity from that planned.


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