A Man’s Cake

This is truly a man’s cake, first because my father used to make it and secondly because my son says so! It is rectangular or square and therefore easy to cut into portions.
It does not require any cooking apart from melting the chocolate and that is another plus.

Serves 4:

1 packet of fine rectangular biscuits, such as Thé LU if you can (otherwise Nice biscuits will work well)
1 bar of Swiss dark cooking chocolate (70% cocoa), broken into pieces
500ml strong black coffee (instant is better for this)
1 flat plate.

1. Prepare the coffee by adding 3 tablespoonfuls of instant coffee to 500ml boiling water. Pour into a large mixing bowl and allow to cool a little.
2. Place the chocolate in a small mixing bowl over a saucepan containing boiling water and stir with a silicone spoon.
3. Dunk 1 biscuit at a time in the coffee very quickly or it will dissolve.
4. Delicately transfer the biscuits onto the plate.
5. Do a double layer of biscuits before spreading a thick layer of melted chocolate and add another layer of wet biscuits, cover with chocolate and continue until you have no biscuits left. The last layer must be covered with chocolate.
I like to give it a little wavy appearance rather than a smooth one, but you can choose which look you prefer.

Place in the fridge overnight and savour!

This cake goes particularly well with a cup of expresso.


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